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Before painting the exterior of your home we will make minor repairs to the siding and/or trim as needed.  Then we start by scraping off any old, loose paint.  Next we will caulk  around windows and doors to prepare for a fresh coat of paint.  After you have selected your new colors we begin applying the paint using brushes and rollers.  Trim can be painted a different color than the main exterior.  Currently, we are only able to offer painting services for the exterior of you home.


We install new asphalt shingle roofing.  If your roof is in need of replacement, we begin by inspecting the current roof to determine what will be required.   Next we will work with you to choose your new color from a limited selection of choices.  We then strip off the old roofing and replace any rotted decking.  From there, the next step is installing the new under-layment, flashings and drip edge.  Followed up with the installation of the new shingles.  Installation is done with a combination of hand and pneumatic nailing.

A site evaluation will be necessary so we can place a dumpster for haul off.

We also can repair roof leaks on homes that do not qualify for a full replacement.

Some indicators that your roof needs replacement

Broken or missing tabs

Corners of tabs extremely worn

Shingles curling or lifting

Multiple indoor leaks when it rains


We can make repairs to exterior items on your house.  Common items are doors, windows, siding and trim.  Porches, decks, and carports are some of the other things we also have experience repairing.  We will replace any items that are unable to be repaired with new material.  We have also built new decks and ramps for those with special needs, complete with steps and handrails as required. If you have applied for painting services, we will typically send out an exterior repair crew to make sure your house is in good shape before the rollers and brushes begin.


Community Restore has teams that can help get you property cleaned up and manicured. We will rake up leaves, haul off accumulated brush, and provide various other landscaping services.  Chainsaws and pruning sheers are on hand for taking care of tree trimming. If the lawn needs mowing we can do that too.

If you require our yard clean up services, we would like to meet with you beforehand to determine what arrangements will need to be made for haul-off. We may need access to your property for dumpster placement.  

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